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Gutter Cleaning Services

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In order to keep your gutters in good condition and protect your home’s siding foundation and lawn, gutters cleaning service is needed on your gutters every so often. Doug Does Windows have 40 years of experience cleaning gutters. Through Hand cleaning and power washing, we will clean and flush your downspouts & gutters like new. For information regarding Gutters Cleaning Services please call me directly at (972) 423-9454 

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Gutter Cleaning and Safety

Gutter Cleaning can be a risky business. In any activity where one is climbing a ladder an injury is a serious concern. The only thing more important than the right safety equipment is experience. Once you’re on the roof the risk is not minimized one bit and caution is of the essence or a single slip can lead to injury or worst. Don’t risk your lives to save a few dollars, let Doug Does Windows handle your gutters cleaning anywhere in Plano. We have been in service since 1982 and have experience, equipment, and affordable rates.

How Often Should I Get my Gutters Cleaned?

How often one should clean their gutters varies greatly based on various factors. On average, Doug Does Windows urges homeowners to have their gutters cleaned at least once or twice a year. However, in cases your home is surrounded by numerous trees even more often cleaning might be required. This treatment is important in order to avoid leaks and blockages, and in many cases requires power washing or other specialized equipment in order to really clean, and more importantly, requires a regular service in order to maintain. Call Doug Does Windows to schedule your cutter cleaning service now or request a free quote.

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Is Gutter Cleaning necessary?

The gutters, although rarely remembered, serve a very important task in defending your home from rain. Do you have Leaking Gutters or Downspouts? This is caused by an overflow of debris inside your gutter. From leaves, twigs, and various random debris carried by the wind, to old toys tossed on the roof and left there. Any random object can cause your gutters to get clogged and then leak.

So why is it so important if your gutters leak? The gutters capture the rainwater and divert it all away from your home and your house foundation. However, when the gutters get overflooded and clogged, they leak to the side directly on your home. Hitting anything from walls to windows, sidings, and even your foundations. Naturally, this can cause various other problems such as mold and discoloration shifting, and worst. A clean gutter is your first and most important line of defense.

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Call Doug Does Windows for professional windows cleaning, gutters cleaning, and power washing services. We are based in Plano, TX, and have been proudly serving Collin county for over 40 years now. We also service the neighboring cities such as Addison, Dallas, Frisco, Richardson, and many more around Plano and North Dallas.